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Pipo's Story


Pipo is Mick's favorite racing toy.  After moving to a new place, Pipo gets trapped in a basement of a suburban house, and struggles to find a way back into his owner's hands.

Willing to escape, he will have to challenge other characters that rule different parts of the house, finding himself in places he has never seen before and meeting many friends and foes.


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key features

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Enigma Studios

Release date:



Regular Price:


Based in:

Ecuador and USA


PC, PS4, Xbox One


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What is the genre?

It is a Racing Arcade Fantasy game with skill based power-ups and super slides. You can race with other players in a local multiplayer and compete in many game modes. Just to make it all clearer, think about Mario Kart or Crash Tag Team Racing, mix it with an interesting storyline, shooter or arcade combat mechanics, and you will know where we are coming from.


Game details
Mini Wheels is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. The game is in pre-alpha stage.

We aim to prepare 15 different tracks themed in 5 different game worlds. Mini Wheels will be a game for everyone to enjoy. Both the casual player and the pro gamer will find entertainment in using our power ups tailored to be limited only by your imagination and skill. 

Follow along the inspiring story of Pipo, and race your way back to your owner in a campaign that will unlock new tracks, racers and prepare your skills for the online challenge you'll face later.


A brief of the story
Pipo is Mick’s favorite racing toy. After moving to a new house, Pipo gets lost in the basement. He then meets new friends who used to belong to other members of the family, they have their own racing circuit around the whole house and offer to help Pipo get back to Mick if he beats them on each track. Pipo then starts his journey back to Mick’s arms not knowing that an evil toy is not willing to let him achieve his goal so easily.

The team

We are Enigma Studios, a company based in Quito, Ecuador. We are 4 people working full-time, and 7 others are helping us part-time. The game has been developed mostly with our own resources, coming from working as a 3D animation and advertising company. You can watch our demo reel in here. We are all ambitious and highly educated individuals with Master’s degrees in relevant areas.


Mini Wheels Credits

Juan Andrés Herrera

Lead Game Designer, game asset, and character artist

Juan Landeta

Lead 3D artist

Alvaro Abreu

Game programmer

Carolina Valdivieso

Lead UX/UI designer

Carlos Yate

UX/UI designer

Gustavo García

Concept Artist

Pablo Rodríguez


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